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Nutrition Services


Nutrition Counselling 

Let me show you how food can energize you, boost your immune system, help you sleep better, achieve your ideal weight, improve your skin complexion, and so much more.

Nutrition Counselling Appointment

$250 for 105-minute session

How it Works: Your First Appointment

  1. In your first nutrition counselling appointment, Dani will take a comprehensive health history, including a lifestyle and diet assessment.
  2. Using this information, a personalized, easy-to-follow wellness program will be created, including a meal plan and dietary and lifestyle recommendations.
  3. You will walk away from your initial appointment with a clear plan, realistic goals, weekly updates and resources, unlimited email support for 1 month, and tips and solutions to any challenges you may be experiencing with these lifestyle changes.


Please contact Dani to book, reschedule or cancel nutrition counselling sessions.

24 hours notice are required to cancel or reschedule or a $25 + tax mandatory fee will apply.

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Nutrition Counselling Follow Up

$65 for 30-minute session

Your first follow up counselling appointment will likely occur within 3 to 4 weeks of your initial appointment, after which Dani can meet with you every month for further sessions, as needed, and depending on your needs and goals.

Follow up sessions will allow Dani to:

  • Assess your progress and make changes to your wellness program where needed
  • Educate you on nutritional choices that will help you to reach your health goals and needs
  • Introduce new foods ideas to keep you motivated to continue on your health journey
  • Offer a chance for personal accountability and growth

you deserve to feel like your best you again.

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After months of returning to Dani for yoga practices we were able to continue our journey by joining her as a nutritional client. She taught us to create realistic health choices based on our lifestyle. In our lives we found it no problem to eat healthy , but it was the the very busy days which make it easy to skip meals and to eat fast food. We learned how important preparation is , and found better ways to eat healthier while maintaining a full stomach. Through smoothies , protein snacks , and low carb snacks we are able to get the nutrition we need to keep our energy throughout the day instead of resorting to any fast food places.
— C.M. & K.M.

Shining Soul Programs

10 Day Body Reset Detox

Why should I do a 10 Day Body Reset Detox? 

There is no better time than NOW.

  • If you are looking to kick-start a healthier diet
  • Start sustainable weight loss or
  • Rediscover the true potential of your energy

My 10 Day Body Reset Detox is a perfect fit for you!

We offer Standard and Vegan/Vegetarian Versions.

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One of the hardest parts about working towards a healthy diet is dealing with your pantry! It can be hard to figure out what to keep or throw away when you are just starting out. Let's work together to stop the guilty eating before it begins.



Misleading messages coming from left and right, leading you from aisle to aisle. Sound familiar? No more! In this two-hour tour, I'll teach you how to read labels, identify healthy products and purchase foods which align with your goals. 



Want to be revitalized and rejuvenated? A 3-day juice cleanse is a great option for you! Infuse yourself with a powerful nutrient boost as you ease away from your regular diet and transition into healthy, wholesome eating habits.

doTerra Essential Oils

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Yoga teacher, I am always looking for natural and holistic ways to help nourish mine and my clients bodies, minds and spirits.

I was introduced to essential oils a few years ago by a friend of mine, and what I found really special about these oils is that they are very high-quality organic therapeutic grade.

Essential oils are aromatic compounds found in many common plants such as eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint and many others. Each have unique aromatic, topical, and internal effects which enhance health and general well being — you might be familiar with how eucalyptus aids in breathing, for example, or that lavender can calm anxiety and help aid with falling asleep. Essential oils have been used throughout history by many cultures for their medicinal properties.

I use them aromatically and therapeutically in my yoga practice, and I also recommend that they be used, both topically and interally, to help heal my yoga and nutrition clients. Certain essential oils have a rich culinary history and can be used as dietary supplements, supporting a variety of health conditions. It is very important to only use oils that have been designated to use internally and proper dosing should be followed.

I would love to show you the limitless ways essential oils can be used to help you transition into a healthier and more holistic living style.

To shop for dōTerra oils, you can visit my dōTerra websiteIf you are interested in wholesale shopping, where you will receive 25% off of all dōTerra products, and earn free oils each month, contact me directly and I would be happy to help you sign up.