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Yoga Classes



Why Shining Soul? 

Shining Soul Yoga and Wellness provides a beautiful, cozy studio in Lindsay, Ontario for classes and private lessons. We guarantee a warm, personalized experience. Yoga is so much more than just a form of exercise — it's a workout for the mind and body, and combines the benefits of strengthening and stretching with beneficial practices such as deep breathing, meditation, and relaxation. Yoga is an activity for everyone and is accommodating to those with different levels of ability. It is also a great practice for those suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, anxiety and many other conditions. Regular participation will improve your mental state, flexibility, stress levels, strength, metabolism, energy and so much more.

We started yoga with Dani at Shining Soul about a year ago . We started off by joining her yoga class as mother and daughter seeking a new way to stay fit , while enhancing our own personal health . When comparing the start to the end of the yoga class we always feel so much more energetic, and completely stretched out. We have taken this yoga experience as a learning tool and helped share it within our martial arts practice. In so many different ways Shining Soul has made an extreme impact on our own individual journey into a healthier lifestyle .
— C.M. & K.M.

Group Classes (1 Hour) 

every Monday + wednesday

Morning Energy Flow — 10 to 11 am

Start your morning right with a class that will increase your energy, mood and stretch out those tight muscles. $15 a session.

Vinyasa Yoga — 4 to 5 pm

A dance-like form of yoga, in which breaths are used to smoothly flow from one pose to the next. $15 a session.

*NEW BONUS ADD ON. Enjoy one of Dani's homemade nutrition-stuffed cold pressed juices after your next class for only $8.

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Private Classes


Yoga was traditionally taught one-on-one with yogic masters passing down their wisdom to students in a way that was meaningful to each individual. Today, private yoga classes are still the best way to learn. Here’s why:

  • You will receive personalized instruction to ensure you’re working at the right level.
  • Your teacher will design the class to meet your unique needs.
  • You can address specific issues such as pain or injury.
  • Explore new aspects such as pranayama, meditation, yoga philosophy and more.
  • Learn correct and precise techniques that will benefit you for a lifetime.
  • Be inspired and motivated.

Booking an Appointment

Please contact Dani to book, reschedule or cancel a private yoga session. 24 hours notice must be provided to cancel or reschedule or a $25 + tax mandatory fee will apply.


At my private studio or at your home: $40 per 1-hour session.

Invite a friend, or two! $10 for each additional participant.

Too busy to visit the studio? No problem! I can come right to your home or office. Please note, additional charges may apply to cover travel costs and other related expenses.